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New P45 (from Oct 2008) - £19

New p45

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£19 - New format P45 for leaving dates from Oct 2008 now available

£40 - Old format P45 for leaving dates prior Oct 2008 available

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What is a P45?

P45 is the reference code of a form titled "Details of employee leaving work".
A P45 is issued by the employer when an employee leaves.

It is a summary of the following details:

- Name & Address of employee
- Name & Address of employer
- Employee National Insurance number
- Staff or Employee number (Works Payroll number)
- Employer Tax office reference
- Tax Code at leaving date
- Leaving Date
- Total Gross Pay Year-to-Date (from start of tax year 6 April up to the leaving date, of the SAME tax year).
- Total Tax Year-to-Date (found from the final payslip)
(above two totals also match the totals of final payslip)

(P45 will show Gross Pay & Tax of the CURRENT tax year only - even if you have been in the same employment for 10 years)

(New format P45 (leaving date from October 2008) has 2 additional details: Date of Birth & Gender)

P45 is a 4 part form which the Employer completes:

- Parts 1A, 2 and 3 of form P45 are given to the Employee when they leave
- Part 1 is sent by the Employer to their HMRC tax office immediately

P45 - £19
Laser-printed on genuine official Inland Revenue forms.
We supply all Parts 1 & 1A and Parts 2 & 3 (but see note).

Note: P45 Part 1 would normally be sent by the employer to their HMRC tax office so would NOT be available to employee. If you are an Employee, this is included FOR YOUR INFO ONLY.

New P45 (from Oct 2008) - Part 1

New P45 from Oct 2008) - Part 1A

New P45 (from Oct 2008) - Part 2

New P45 (from Oct 2008) - Part 3

New P45 (from Oct 2008) - £19

New P45

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Old P45 (pre Oct 2008) - Part 1 & 1A

Old P45 (pre Oct 2008) - Part 2 & 3

Old P45 (pre Oct 2008) - £40


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